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People often say that the baby boomers have had it so good, but within every cohort there are people who haven’t done so well. Through sheer numbers, that’s going to be a much bigger group in the near future.

Professor Fiona Alpass


To me the whole idea of wellbeing is linked with choice and having some sort of control over your own life. What we really need is a variety of housing types for older people so that they can make a choice.

Dr Judith Davey

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We’ve got 25 more years which is exciting, yet I think often we see that longevity as a problem.

Dr Kay Saville-Smith

Rau Hoskins 2016

“If you are well supported as an older person in a whānau environment, you can easily sit on the porch and watch over the tamariki in the courtyard, or provide support to a working parent with a sick child without having to travel."

Rau Hoskins

Going it together

Our stories introduce people who, through choice or life circumstances, have made the decision to "go it together" in later life.

For some it's taken enormous courage, but they have all discovered that companionship, laughter, shared activities, new learning, less financial stress and physical safety, have helped them to flourish.

Read about how these down-to-earth Kiwis have found different ways of living, and discover what makes them happy
as they venture into their 60s, 70s and beyond.

Don and Tony

An Abbeyfield way of life

Meet friends Don and Tony who live at Abbeyfield, housing complex in Stoke in the South Island. 

Matanikolo opening day stage 1

Building a community

Introducing Matanikolo in South Auckland, New Zealand's first Pacific social housing village

Untitled 1

Flatting pioneer

Going flatting in her 80s wasn’t exactly part of Edith's life plan, but it's sometimes surprising what life brings.

Herbie and Charlotte

The good life

Charlotte and blind 93-year-old father Herbie are enjoying life at the Moa Crescent Kaumātua Village in Hamilton.

Helen and Jill

Early adopters

Spring chickens Helen and Jill aren't your stereotypical retirement village residents. But they love it there!

Susan Fowke home

Making it work 

At 72, Susan Fowke and cat Freddy are two of the younger residents of a Gisborne rest home close to the Waimata River.

Colin Cole

Riverside feeds soul

If anyone knows about community living it's Colin Cole. He's pretty much lived at the Riverside community near Motueka all his life

Amrita and BArbie in kitchen

Countryside & community

Amrita Stiles and Barbie Cole give their views about living at Riverside, near Motueka. Both women love to close to nature.


Ahuriri whanau Iain Nikki Mr H Anne Christopher Thomas

Whatever it takes

The four permanent residents of this supported housing complex in a quiet Napier street never miss an opportunity to celebrate life.