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Alternative living arrangements information and research

Home ownership and wellbeing among older New Zealanders, a summary report by Massey University

Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood, an innovative urban co-housing development in west Auckland and a model of socially and environmentally sustainable urban living

Living Alone as a Lifestyle of Older People in New Zealand: Policy implications, an article in Policy Quarterly

Looking beyond the village, an article in Aged Care and INcite

Exploring security of tenure through co-design, a report by Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Auckland Council and Auckland Co-Design Lab

Empty nests, crowded houses: Building for an ageing population, a report by New Zealand Institute

Living at home after 95 years, a Massey University thesis 

Entering the twilight zone: Exploring the experience of older people as they transition their living accommodation, a Canterbury University thesis

How will New Zealand's ageing population affect the property market?, by Statistics New Zealand 

Older people’s health & housing, Health and Disability Sector NGO Working Group paper

The meaning of "ageing in place" to older people, an article in The Gerontologist 

Draft report on housing affordability, a submission by Age Concern

A report into aged care: What does the future hold for older New Zealanders?, a report by Labour, Greens and Grey Power 

Older people’s housing futures in 2050: Three scenarios for an ageing society, a report by CRESA and Motu Economic Public Policy and Research 

Older people and their social spaces: A study of well-being and attachment to place in Aotearoa New Zealand, an article in Social Science and Medicine

Nearly 100,000 Kiwis live in "other" housing arrangements, an article on Stuff  

Older adults’ experience of family life linked lives and independent living: A qualitative analysis of interviews with thirty-six older adults, a report by the Families Commission 

Two actors, one roof - how does that work?, an article on Super Seniors


424 LowResEmailNew Zealand websites

A website developed by the Ministry of Social Development, as a gateway to access information that is specifically tailored to be useful and relevant for seniors.

Grown Ups
A New Zealand magazine lifestyle site designed for Kiwi boomers and a little beyond. The site offers some light reading and good forums.

Age Concern

A national network of 35 offices, Age Concern is committed to promoting wellbeing, rights, respect and dignity for older people. It provides services, information and support to older people in response to local needs.

The Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income
The Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income (previously the Retirement Commission) is an autonomous crown entity that works to improve the financial wellbeing of all New Zealanders throughout their lives. The commission is also the office of the Retirement Commissioner.

Elder Net
Elder Net has a vast amount of information about community groups and organisations, retirement villages, rest homes, residential care, private hospitals, home help services, respite care and short term options, dementia care, public hospitals and other services for seniors.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
A comprehensive site providing educational and information on support services to protect, preserve and promote the wellbeing and stability of children and their grandparents/kin carers in circumstances where they cannot be raised by their parents.

Carers Air
A New Zealand site for family carers and friends to watch, listen, read, share and learn.

Advance Care Planning
A new site which tackles the topic of planning for late life care in advance, including how you approach end of life care. Set up by the National Advance Care Planning Cooperative who are a collective of passionate like-minded people tasked with driving a collaborative approach to the design and implementation of advance care planning in New Zealand.

INsite Magazine
INsite provides news, views and in-depth features about the New Zealand aged care and retirement sector.

The New Zealand Association of Gerontology
A multidisciplinary organisation committed to understanding ageing and promoting the interests of older people.


International websites

Global Ageing Network
International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing (IAHSA) is a global network of leaders in ageing services, housing, research, technology and design.

Advanced Lifestyle
This is the New York-based Blogspot of one Ari Seth Cohen. A youngish chap, Ari follows and photographs stylish and creative older folks in some of the world’s most elegant cities.

Huffington Post– Post 50
An excellent news site with heaps of contemporary articles for boomers. Some of the best writing and think pieces we have discovered online.

New York Times– New Old Age
Another good source of news and information on aging. Worth a look.

National Ageing Research Institute Healthy Ageing Quiz
How much do you know about staying healthy as you age? Find out with this quiz and pick up some tips for improving your wellbeing.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation – A Better Life
This gives older people’s voices a platform to highlight their experiences, resilience and ability to flourish across a century of huge change.

Dollarphotoclub 62511154Deeper still…

Ageing is a rapidly expanding research field. This section of our website is intended for individuals, researchers or professionals with an interest in promoting mental wellbeing in older adults. A number of the papers can be downloaded free.

Bibliography of research on ageing in New Zealand, compiled by the Office for Senior Citizens

Towards gaining a greater understanding of elder abuse and neglect in New Zealand, a report by the Office for Senior Citizens 

2014 report on the Positive Ageing Strategy, a report by the Office for Senior Citizens 

New Zealand Positive Ageing Strategy, a report by The Minister for Senior Citizens

Ageing in a Material World, an article in the New Zealand Journal of Psychology

Ageing and Dementia: A compendium of New Zealand research literature, a bibliography compiled by Mental Health for Older People, Waikato District Health Board 

Ageing Well in a New Country: Preliminary Findings of a Survey of Older Chinese in New Zealand , a report by the University of Waikato

Families, Ageing and Migration: Indian Communities in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, a report by the Institute of Policy Studies

Ageing Workforces and Ageing Occupations: A Discussion Paper, a report by the Department of Labour

Research reports and articles produced through key NZ studies:

John and Veronica 2International research and other interesting material on ageing

The Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing: 15 years of ageing in South Australiareport by Flinders University

Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR), a research centre at the University of New South Wales

Health and Retirement Study (HRS), a research study by the US National Institute on Aging and the University of Michigan

SHARE – Survey of Health, Ageing and retirement in Europea multidisciplinary and cross-national panel database of micro data on health, socio-economic status, and social and family networks

English Longitudinal Study of Ageing an interdisciplinary data resource on health, economic position and quality of life as people age

Ageing and healtha factsheet by the World Health Organisation