Going it together

Don and Tony

An Abbeyfield way of life

Meet friends Don and Tony, who met as Abbeyfield residents four years ago.Their one-bed studios come with large shared facilities, plus a veggie garden.

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Matanikolo opening day stage 1

Pacific social housing village

Take a piece of neglected land in South Auckland, turn it into a thriving community garden then three decades later build NZ's first Pacific social housing village on it.

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Edith flatter

Sunny outlook for older flatters

Going flatting in her 80s wasn’t exactly part of her life plan, but to Edith, the opportunity to share a house with four other women came at just the right time.

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Herbie and Charlotte

Good life at Kaumatua Village

Charlotte and 93-year-old father Herbie, who is blind and has Parkinson’s disease, are enjoying life at the Moa Crescent Kaumātua Village in Hamilton.

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Helen and Jill thumb

Early adopters give rave reviews

At 62 and 66, partners Helen Cresswell and and Jill Freeman are not your stereotypical retirement village residents. When they decided to move to the village, their friends thought they were bonkers...

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Susan Fowke web 3

Making it work after life's upsets

Susan Fowke and cat Freddy are 2 of the younger residents of Leighton House, a Gisborne rest home close enough to the Waimata River to offer its 50 or so occupants an ever-changing water view.

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Colin Cole

Riverside feeds the soul

If anyone knows about community living it's Colin Cole. Born at the Riverside community near Motueka he's pretty much lived there his entire life.

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Amrita and BArbie in kitchen

Countryside & community

Amrita Stiles and Barbie Cole give their views about living at Riverside, near Motueka. Both women love to close to nature.

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Ahuriri whanau Iain Nikki Mr H Anne Christopher Thomas

Whatever it takes

A visitor to Ahuriri is assured of a warm welcome.The four permanent residents of this supported housing complex in Napier never miss an opportunity to celebrate life.

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Connecting the generations

The Dallows Capturing tales

The Dallows: Capturing tales

The Dallows are a West Auckland family that play together and stay together: on stage and in real life.

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Mary: Mamas know best

Mary is "officially" retired, but it’s hard to imagine this energetic Cook Islands mama ever slowing down.

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Colleen would you like skills with that

Would you like skills with that?

There aren’t many places where you can learn a new skill and get a free feed at the same time.

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Kev Sharing in the joy of snow

Kev: Sharing in the joy of snow

Kev’s a man of few words. He won’t tell you this himself, but he has made a huge difference to people’s lives.

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Dont google it ask a SuperGran

Ask a SuperGran!

SuperGrans Manawatu shares skills and knowledge between generations and across communities.

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Jo Happy to be sandwiched between two generations

The sandwich generation

Jo laughs when she thinks of her earlier fantasies of herself in retirement. The actual picture is rather different.

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Kirsten and Eddie Undoing a garden together

Undoing a garden together

Classroom theory flies out the window when Kirsten helps her 80-year-old father make a major change.

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Josie Biggest hoy from raising mokopuna

Joy from raising mokopuna

Josie might be forgiven for wanting a little time to herself now she’s 67 and have a bit of a rest from full-on parenting. But no.

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dehli thumb

Creating a village together

Laurel Stowell and Richard Thompson talked for many years about how they’d like to live once the children were grown.

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Boomers 2014

areta 6x4

Areta: Whanau is everything

"Care for yourself, care about yourself," is Areta’s advice when asked about successful ageing.

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wayne 6x4

Continuing the challenges

Wayne knows what it's like to be a stranger in a strange land. But he's always been up for a challenge.

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tufuga 6x4

Tufuga: A voice for her people

Perhaps the key lies in her name. "'Tufuga Holatu' has to do with orators, and carries the meaning of 'always moving forward'."

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The next adventure

As a 'baby boomer' Margaretanne feels there is much less stereotyping of ageing these days.

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mal 6x4

Malcolm: Man on a mission

Malcolm's journey to recovery has included several hospital admissions, but throughout it all he has maintained his Christian faith.

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brian 6x4

Bryan: Busier than ever

Bryan has always subscribed to the idea that being of service to one's community adds spice to life.

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Rob 6x4

Rob: The company of others

Rob agrees that while there is some perceived fear of ageing in the gay community, he also thinks it is fading.

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Ruth 6x4

Renovating people & houses

At 81, Ruth is still handy with a hammer, working four days a week as a builder and renovator.

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